The Team

The Cardinal News Network and The Pigtail are the student-produced publications of South Kent School.

The Cardinal News Network was launched in 2010 as an online platform and is a natural extension of the communication enjoyed for years through The Pigtail, the student newspaper.

In 2013, a new class through the Center for Innovation, Embedded Journalism, was begun and students in the class cover Center for Innovation (CFI) classes. Video production is a major component of the courses and students learn skills in filming, editing and producing by shooting actual classes and putting together multi-segmented shows for viewing online.

In 2017, the Cardinal News afternoon activity was launched and a small group of dedicated student journalists work to produce a student view on life at South Kent.

Our goal is to produce multimedia stories at least once per month. Students develop their own story ideas, research and report to “tell the story” in text, video and stills.

Our school is an all-iPad school and the students are required to use the various forms of technology in their projects for the web site.

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