CFI: Embedded Journalism

This is a course that was launched in the Fall Term of the 2013-14 academic year as part of the Center for Innovation. In this course, students learn how to produce short documentary videos through hands-on experience in projects related to ongoing stewardship and technology activities at the Center For Innovation. Key skills in the course include researching background issues, interviewing, story board composition, camera work, script/narrative writing, oral presentation, and video editing. Students are working as part of  production teams attached groups in the other CFI classes running concurrently.

 Some recent stories:

Harnessing the sun to power iPads

Video and text article by Jovan Grujic and Lazar Pavicevic The consequences of living the way we live these days for our planet are disastrous. Our main source of energy is still burning the fossil fuels, and not only it is a finite source of energy, but also very bad for the environment. More…

OSSD prepares students for a changing world

Video and Text Article by Liam Delehanty During the fall semester, one of the more popular CFI courses offered was OSSD, or Open Source Software Development. In OSSD, students are registered on a website called Code Academy, where they are taught whatever language of coding they wish to learn. For this semester’s class, students were More…

Experiencing Ham Radio in CFI

Video and Text Article by Matthew Creamer and Tyler Augustinsen The Center for Innovation class Ham Radio is a very interesting class, as they learn how to use a radio less commonly used. They constantly learn about how this so called “Ham Radio” works. A Ham Radio is a amateur radio, it allows people to More..