A Culturally Rich Kitchen in Sustainable Cooking

Dec 15th, 2017 | By | Category: CdNN, CFI

Video and Text Article by Hassane Diakho

Sustainable Cooking is a class offered in South Kent School’s Center for Innovation Program.

Every people, nation or civilization has developed different cuisines from local natural resources, and also the character of society, social evolution, traditions, interactions. The movement of people throughout history has caused a mixture and evolution of the kitchen. Cooking allows people to enjoy a meal and to satisfy their need to eat.

South Kent’s Sustainable Cooking teacher is Mr. Darrin. He is a nice and understanding teacher in class. In this class, everybody is busy and everyone has something to do, which makes it very effective. After being interviewed, people were happy and they enjoyed cooking. It’s a good skill for somebody to have in the future.

Fourth Former Jake Stapert says, “I like to cook because I get to eat after I cook.”

Fourth Former Matt Franks discusses why he likes the Sustainable Cooking class

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