Totes Mah Goats Class Brings New Level of Animal Care to SKS

Dec 15th, 2017 | By | Category: CdNN, CFI

Video and Text Article by Caleb Ockman

South Kent is well known not only for its sports program but for its hands-on Center for Innovation (CFI) program. This allows students to explore the beautiful New England nature surrounding them and bond with the animals on the farm. A class some students take part in is called Embedded Journalism. They each have a different assignment for this semester and that is to interview two students and a teacher from a CFI class. Students created videos to show what the class is all about and why students in that class picked it.

Totes Mah Goats is a very popular class and teaches students to take care of animals, especially the goats. The purpose of this class is to clear space for the goats who live on the North part of campus, essentially on a farm. There are a lot of brushes and wood in the living space for the goats, and the students want to give more room for the goats to walk around, rest and enjoy their day.

Joshua Bolma gets firsthand experience caring for goats

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