Reflecting on three years @SKS

By Will Steele, Contributor

As the year winds down, the students that are graduating this year are starting to appreciate the things they may have previously disliked. The hot rooms you share with your friends, the relentless practices throughout the year, and even the time away from home.


As we depart this school for the final time, emotions start to get the better of us because we realize this may be the last time we will ever see each other.


Learning from the land with Sustainable Agriculture

In My Opinion

By Lucas Vanroboys, Contributing Writer

Photo by Mr. Kasey Clark

Photo by Mr. Kasey Clark

I take Sustainable Agriculture as my CFI course. In fact I have taken this course all three times I have been able to because I love it so much!

In this class we do everything from beekeeping to growing fruits vegetables and taking care of animals like pigs, cows and chickens.

My two teachers, or should I say farmers, are Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Clark. They are both great with us by teaching us what to do under very high pressure circumstances like bees swarming or big oxen eating from your hands. They have personally taught me so much more about farming and growing crops. More…