Cardinal Underground launches Open Mic nights

Jan 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Cardinal Underground, South Kent Community, Student News

By Chao Jack Huang Contributor

Fourth Former Xiaoyang Li performs a guitar solo.

Welcome to the world of the Cardinal Underground!

The Cardinal Underground has hosted three Open Mic Nights. Students and faculty attending enjoy the variety of the performers.

Every Friday during The Perch is the time for Cardinal Underground performers. There are different types of performances offered, both professional musicians and the amateurs at the Open Mic.

A jazz musician named Al Teodosio came in Jan. 14 to play guitar. He is Mr. Cooper’s friend and a professional musician.

Cardinal Underground launched a page on Facebook. Search for the name Cardinal Underground and it will be found. The Facebook page is designed to give everyone an idea of what is coming up and a showcase for the past performances. Some videos, photos and previews are posted on the page before the formal performances. Anyone with suggestions is welcome to post messages on the page.

Mr. Marcus Cooper, who is himself good at music, both playing instruments and singing, organized the Cardinal Underground as an outlet for others to share their talents.

The members of Cardinal Underground are trying to bring happiness and fun to the campus. Members enjoy and are interested in many things related to music.

“I’m hoping that the Drama Club can put on a performance, as well have DJ-oriented nights with a diverse cultural taste, where students from other cultures can bring in music they’ve grown up with,” said Mr. Cooper. “My aim is to create Cardinal Underground as a club entertaining many artistic outlets. I also hope that we can coordinate with other local schools and hold events for students outside SKS.”

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