CFI students certified as wildlife teachers

Dec 15th, 2016 | By | Category: CFI, South Kent Community, Student News

Video and Text Article by Kun Hyeon Park

Fifth Formers Yipei Tang and Hunter Clarke teach third graders at Kent Center School with Sixth Former Qi Li. Photo by Kun Hyeon Park

A new CFI (Center for Innovation) class was offered during the Fall Term that taught students how to become teachers themselves.

The eight students in the Project Wild CFI became certified in the national Project Wild program. Instructed by Ms. Emily Carreiro, they can now officially teach classes through Project Wild.

Throughout this fall, Ms. Carreiro taught them general information that they should know as teachers. It was not just contextually teaching, but it also involved going outside, so they can see, feel and understand in diverse aspects. After they learned basic teaching skills from Ms. Carreiro, they divided into two groups and came up with unique and creative ideas to teach younger children at Kent Center School. They used methods with visualization and physical exercises, which brought great interest to the third graders and also taught them knowledge of Project Wild as they presented their lessons.


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