Chapel time switched to late morning

Oct 20th, 2017 | By | Category: Faculty News, South Kent Community, Student News

By Kyoung Hoon Kim, Staff Reporter

Because too many students skipped Tuesday and Thursday morning chapel in past years, South Kent changed the time to just before lunch. Members of the South Kent Community have had various reactions to this change during the Fall Term.

The faculty who responded to the October survey and which departments they are in.

Mr. Scott Farley, who is  the Math Department head and adjunct instructor with Syracuse University, said that it is still early to see what the effect of the new chapel time will be.

“(It) remains to be seen if tardiness to class will be a problem,” he said, underlining the adverse effects. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays now begin at 7:45 a.m., so students must get out of bed and go directly to class.

However, he implied that the positive consequences of the change would indeed outnumber the negative impacts. He said that the modification of chapel time “will make a stronger community as a result.” Moreover, he mentioned that he “served on two committees this summer, discipline and scheduling, and this was recommended by both sets of teachers.”

“Like any change, it will take time to see if it has the intended results and if it is a positive change for the community,” Mr. Farley said.

This represents what forms the students are in from those who responded to the October survey.

Tatsunori Yuzuki, who is a fifth former and a U-18 Selects Hockey player, said that he likes the new time of chapel.

“I prefer this new time (rather) than early in the morning because when the chapel was in the early morning, I could not focus on what the faculty were saying because of sleepiness during chapel. Also I take first block off during Tuesday, so I can take some extra sleep before class, so I think it is nice for the change.”

However he mentions that “the new chapel time is sometimes confusing, but it is not that bad.”

In addition, many students believe that chapel attendance has increased significantly. The students said the main reason why they don’t skip chapel is because the chapel is right before the lunch, therefore they have no reason to miss it.

Even though the new chapel time brought some confusion to the community, however as Mr. Farley mentioned, “it will take time to see if it has the intended results.” With more than a month since the chapel time change, how the new chapel time affects the community has to be watched.

A survey of students revealed that 61 percent like the new time. The faculty survey revealed 88.2 percent like the new time.

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