Disciplinary changes bring back hours

Oct 20th, 2017 | By | Category: Faculty News, South Kent Community, Student News

By Mohammed Al-Shatti, Staff Reporter

Students were surveyed to see if they were making it to first period classes on Tuesday and Thursday. CdNN graphic

Students returned to campus this year to face a new disciplinary system that incorporates working off hours for missing certain commitments.

Any student who missed a chapel or assembly will have to end up working one hour for each commitment they’ve missed, whether it’s doing dishwash or working with Mr. Chavka at 6:30 in the morning. Some students say that it’s too much work. However, the faculty thinks that it’s the right disciplinary requirement.

Students were surveyed to see what commitments were being missed or if students were tardy to class.

A committee of 12 faculty members met over the summer to discuss the disciplinary system at South Kent. They examined the students’ efforts to make their commitments. They needed to figure out a way in which they could make the students attend what they were supposed to be attending. The faculty concluded that the school should return to an earlier disciplinary system. Previously, SKS had a system in which students would have to work off hours. Now, if a student doesn’t make it to chapel or assembly, he will be assigned an hour.  If a student fails to work off the hours in a week, it will turn into points that could not be worked off.

“A while back we did have hours and points and at some point in the last couple of years it morphed into just points, which wasn’t really working. That’s why we went back to this system,” said Mr. Chavka

Students have expressed confusion and don’t all agree with the new system. They don’t understand why one point is now worth a whole hour’s worth of work. One of the prefects, Faisal Al Muttawa said the faculty decided this on their own.

“The prefects were not involved in this change,” said Faisal. “I had no idea. We found out when all the students found out.”

He thinks that there might not be as many jobs needed for students to work off that hour.

“I personally do think an hour for a point is a little too much,” said Faisal. “So I think it would’ve made more sense to have a half hour for one point. I kinda do think it’s too much, but at the same time it kinda makes sense.”

The school’s Community Handbook lists the difference between points and hours.

“Students who violate accountability rules can expect to receive disciplinary hours. Hours are intended to be worked off during the week or weekends at designated times, supervised by a faculty member or senior prefect. Hours that are not worked off in a timely manner will be converted into points and be added to a student’s point total.”

The following is list of possible Accountability Offenses:

Unexcused Absence: (Assembly, Chapel, Form Meeting, Formal Dinner and/or mandatory meals)

Digital Citizenship Violation

Dorm Violation

Dress Code Violation

Late to Dorm Check-In

Late to Class, Meals or Sports

Study Hall Violation

Up After Lights-Out

Failure to Abide by Travel Plans

Violation of language policy

“Students who violate procedural rules will receive points and possible hours.  Points for the violation of procedural rules may not be worked off and will be added to a student’s point total,” according to the handbook.

Campus Sign-In / Sign-Out Violation

Disrupting Learning Environment

Guest / Visitor Violation


Living Outside Spirit of Community

Out After Hours

Tobacco Violation

Unexcused Absence – Class or Mandatory Appointment

Unexcused Absence Athletics – Practice and Games

Unexcused Absence – Community Event

Violation of Language Policy

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