Music and CdNN staff visit Yale on field trip

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Music and writing students at Yale University.

By CdNN staff

Students in the Cardinal News writing activity and the Music program were able to experience a unique field trip earlier this month. The students took a took a trip Oct. 4 to Yale University in New Haven, CT.

The first activity the group experienced was attending a chamber music concert. The high-level music performance of Yale students impressed every South Kent student and broadened their horizons. The Yale students came from many different areas of the world.

Seho Chun, a sixth former, enjoyed the trip, calling it a “good experience.”

“It was my first concert in the United States and I was impressed that students have that much talent,” Seho said.

Fifth former Kyoung Hoon Kim said the visit allowed him to see the quality of a university music program.

“The Yale University trip gave me an idea how good the (music) students need to be on an instrument to go to Yale. It was an impressive sound they made through the instruments,” he said.

After the concert, the students had a private campus tour with one of the Yale undergraduate students.

“The introduction was fascinating that made all the students feel Yale’s vibrant residential life on campus,” said Yuhao “Howard” Li. “One thing that interested me the most is the architecture design of the Yale buildings.”

He explained that Yale’s library had an appearance of the church because the architect designed the location of the church at the corner of the campus instead of at the center of the campus, which is the location that Yale wanted the church to be. Yale did not take the architect’s plan for the church building and changed the idea into building a library. The construction was finished in the 20th century. Interestingly, the school decided to make the library look older by setting its surface on fire. That’s an interesting way that Yale uses to reshape its architecture, Howard said.

The group also visited the university’s museum of musical instruments and Dr. Sarah Sung Lee was able to demonstrate the sound of a harpsichord.

Sixth former Mohammed Al-Shatti said that the visit gave him insight into how the college was formed.

“They were talking about the community that Yale built. It was almost like a little town,” Mohammed said. “We finally ended the day off by going to Seoul, a Korean restaurant, where we had a very delicious and cultural meal. Overall it was a great trip, I really did learn a lot.”

Kyoung Hoon said the best part for him was the dessert at Arethusa Ice Cream.

“At $3.50, it was such a great deal. The ice cream shop said the ice cream is one scoop, however the fact was it was 3 scoops. Most people who got their ice cream in a cone were not able to finish it.”

Overall, Seho said he now has a better understanding of why Yale is such a desired college by so many.

“Now I understand why people are dreaming to go college as soon as possible after they graduate high school,” Seho said.

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