Beyond the Farm: Life Skills in Sustainable Agriculture

Dec 15th, 2017 | By | Category: CdNN, CFI, Student News

Video and Article Text by Charlie Desroches

Embedded Journalism is a class that teaches students how to use technology to make video interviews to share online. Students in this class are required to choose another CFI class that they would like to learn more about. After they choose their class, they observe the class and take photos and videos. They also make questions and interview the students of that class. Combining these, the students create a video that gives viewers a clear understanding what that class is all about.

This video was done in the Sustainable Agriculture class. The film crew followed and observed Mr. Hayhurst’s class around the farm. After that, a few of the students were picked to be interviewed. Each student was asked 5 standard questions, but the answers were always different. This gives the video many different perspectives.

In conclusion, this class helps students learn how to use technology to make an interesting video. These videos are shared on YouTube for others to see. The media is almost all online now, so this course will help these students in the future.

Mr. Hayhurst teaches in the CFI educational space

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