Creating eco-friendly soaps in new CFI class

Dec 8th, 2017 | By | Category: CFI, Student News

Video and Text By Dane Quest

The Eco Products class making soap. Photo by Dane Quest

Mrs. Brennan spearheaded a unique Fall Term CFI class for South Kent School students in the upper forms, who share a passion for learning about and creating eco-friendly products.

Twice a week, the class would gather to discuss and investigate ways they can positively impact their daily lives and their environment. After weeks of discussion, the group began working on their first experiment: they were assigned to make soaps, organically. Typically, the soaps that humans regularly use contain harmful chemicals; for example, microbeads. Microbeads are tiny microplastics that are found in face wash and toothpaste. They consequently end up in our food and water.

Following their experiment, they tested their soaps and found success. This is the first time Mrs. Brennan has offered this class as an option.

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