Students Learn Value of Food, Farming in Sustainable Agriculture

Dec 15th, 2017 | By | Category: CdNN, CFI, Student News

Video and Text by Mingjun Xu

Sustainable Agriculture is a class in South Kent School CFI program. It is about farming, agriculture, and students learn many

things like the farm business. Mr. Hayhurst teaches students how to make money at the farm and how to use the money correctly. Each student showed how agriculture worked in their hometowns. Mr. Hayhurst shows students how to work on the farm, which is very interesting, and they learn about bees, pigs, moving cows, and picking up eggs. The eggs are put it in a box and then brought to town sell.

Students learn many things about Sustainable Agriculture like how to plant vegetables, how to operate machinery on the farm, and most importantly, how to avoid wasting food. Sustainable Agriculture is a fun CFI class that is novel to many students as they have never had the chance to learn this subject in person.

Mr. Hayhurst and Shizhen Liu ’20 get ready to learn in the CFI’s educational space

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