Students learn communication through Soft Skills

May 25th, 2017 | By | Category: CFI, South Kent Community, Student News

Video and Text article by Kai Cormier, CFI Embedded Journalism

CFI Soft Skills participants Nick Washington and Paul Coulibaly work together in a communication game that builds teamwork. Photo by Kai Cormier

Soft Skills is a class that is meant to teach the students how to think outside the box. The students learn this by doing abstract exercises that force them to use their brains. In many of these exercises the teacher, Mr. Pavel Novak, would give the students a challenge and the students would try to achieve this challenge. They had many challenges given to them by Mr. Novak, each one harder than the previous one.

For example, the students were given a rope and told to make a square of it. Of course there was a catch to challenge the students. They were blindfolded. This forced them to communicate. If the students wanted to make the square they would have to talk to each other and work together.

Throughout the course, the students learned how to both work together and communicate at the same time. All of the students interviewed said they enjoyed the class. All of them also said that they were learning new ways to solve problems. This creativeness is what soft skills is all about.

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